Investor becomes partner of our company based on JV partnership (joint venture). His investment will contribute to the purchase of investment property at auctions or investment will be used for purposes taking over mortgage payments (subject to the existing mortgage). This type of investment is suitable for anyone who prefers a solid return, safe investment protection and does not want to be the owner of the property. This kind of partnership gives the investor control over the course of the transaction, it provides a very profitable return while investor gets regular monthly cash flow. Investor receives 15% per annum (paid in monthly installments) and 60% of the net profit from the sale of a property. Minimum period of time to become JV partnership of our company is one year.

Properties are purchased from individuals or foreclosures/liens of unpaid property taxes or by making purchase on “subject to the existing loan”. After a specific purchase is made, then our company provides necessary fix or rehab and prepares a property to be rented. Reason for this step is that cash flow properties are most wanted deals on market! That bring our company fast sale and return on investment.

Example already made transaction:

Location = Evansville, IN

The purchase price, including necessary repairs = $28,000 (total investment)

Market price - $50,000

Investor payment - 15% per annum = $350/month for the entire period of the investment

2-year investment - $8,400 (paid $350 for 24 months)

Return (percentage of sales) - $ 22,000 x0.60 = 13,200 (60% share of the profits from the sale price)

Return (total) - $ 21,600 (8,400+13,200)

In return (%) - 77.14%

For more details, please, contact the owner of the company.


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