The basic principle of investment is to put money into a transaction that will bring profit. One of the most popular is the purchase of real estate. Why? For several reasons:

1. The property is tangible property. What does it mean? Compared to share ownership, the property owner can reach the property, so the property he is personally closer than shares.

2. The property has a "financial strength" that investor buys from us for 50% or less of the current market value of the property. By such purchases investor acquires space for the positive initial strategy and has high potential to make a profit. Unlike with shares, where the "power" si made by Supervisory Board and its plans, the investment to own property is for many investors more meaningful, due to money in property is seen as an investment (not speculation).

3. Investment control - as mentioned in point 2, owning a property allows direct control. In the case of negative changes in the property market the owner can flexibly respond. The real estate market NEVER crashes or gains in strength in a single day, as in the case of shares.

Options for your real estate investment in the U.S.:

  1. Direct purchase of investment property. The prices of most investment real estate are lower than the price of an apartment in the country
  2. Entering a company as a JV partner (joint venture partnership)

The investor becomes the owner of the property, usually a single family house, and in a short period of time a property sells to the final buyers on the basis of rent to own option, with a guaranteed profit, over the next 3 years. For investors, we provide a complete service, from finding investment property to ensure the final buyer, including all related contractual documentation and transfer of property to the final buyer.


Investor becomes partner of our company based on JV partnership (joint venture). His investment will contribute to the purchase of investment property at auctions or investment will be used for purposes taking over mortgage payments (subject to the existing mortgage). This type of investment is suitable for anyone who prefers a solid return, safe investment protection and does not want to be the owner of the property. This kind of partnership gives the investor control over the course of the transaction, it provides a very profitable return while investor gets regular monthly cash flow. Investor receives 15% per annum (paid in monthly installments) and 60% of the net profit from the sale of a property. Minimum period of time to become JV partnership of our company is one year.


Whether you choose any of the options above, the next step to successfully achieve your requirement is to contact us. After that we will prepare an offer according to your investment or personal needs.

The listed ways are there to ensure the safety of your invested funds and also to bring you a guaranteed profit. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions!

All transactions are carried out in a way that ensures the protection of data from all parties. We have been given explicit consent from clients who have already carried out transactions and provided a reference!


„Knowledge is the power”


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